Book Name: Golf in China

  • China Golf Magazine  
  • 9  J  
  • 978-7-214-07902-2
  • Chinese and English
  • 880.00 RMB / 138.00 U.S. dollar
  • Hardcover
  • 1
  • 2012.03
  • 330*245
  • 108

Editor' Review

“Not only am I an admirer of Tom Breazeale’s outstanding photography, but also I appreciate and applaud his passion and highly professional attitude. The astuteness of his pictures brings our courses to life.”

“It is my wish that this outstanding collection of Tom Breazeale’s photography will reach into the soul of all golfers as they are taken on a vivid journey to China’s premier golf courses.”

Table of Contents

North China
Tradewind Resort

North East China
Dalian West Park Golf & Country Club

East China
Hidden Tiger Golf Club
Golden Mountain Golf Club
Qiandaohu Country Club
Shaoxing Jian Lake Golf Club
Suzhou Jinji Lake International Golf Club

South West China
Spring City Golf & Lake Resort
Luxehills International Country Club
Stoneforest International Country Club

South China
Mission Hills Golf Club (Guangdong)
Mission Hills Haikou
Sun Valley Sanya Golf Resort
The Dunes at Shenzhou Peninsula
Lion Lake Country Club
Peach Garden Golf Club
Agile Golf & Country Club

Hong Kong and Macau Region
Caesars Golf Macau


The first edition of this book introduces 18 prestigious golf courses in China, seen through the lenses of Tom Breazeale, widely regarded as one of the world’s leading golf course photographers.

The courses that are featured are: Tradewind Resort; Dalian West Park Golf & Country Club; Hidden Tiger Golf Club; Golden Mountain Golf Club; Qiandaohu Country Club; Shaoxing Jian Lake Golf Club; Suzhou Jinji Lake International Golf Club; Spring City Golf & Lake Resort; Luxehills International Country Club; Stoneforest International Country Club; Mission Hills Golf Club (Guangdong); Mission Hills Haikou; Sun Valley Sanya Golf Resort; The Dunes at Shenzhou Peninsula; Lion Lake Country Club; Peach Garden Golf Club; Agile Golf & Country Club; Caesars Golf Macau.