Book Name: Designing a Villa Garden

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  • 978-7-214-08028-8
  • Chinese and English
  • 328.00 RMB / 57.00 U.S. dollar
  • Hardcover
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  • 2012.04
  • 210*280
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Table of Contents

Villa Garden: Plan & Design
Contemporary Garden
Outdoor Lounge
Modern Revival
Contemporary Living
Modern Transformation
Front Yard Retreat
Red Walls
Ocean View Garden
Australian Garden
Simple Backdrop for Varied
and Interesting Plants
Resort Garden
Garden for Relaxation
Bringing the Beach to Your Home
A River Garden
Small Garden VS Large Landscape
Contemporary Sub-tropical Garden
Split-level Seating Terraces
Sunken Courtyard
Contemporary Entertainment Garden
Private View-oriented Terrace
Simple Contemporary Garden

European Garden
Rural Natural Garden
Mediterranrean Estate
Intimate Gardens, Vivid Colors
A Series of Distinct Gardens
Grand Garden Making a New
House Look Old
Victorian Garden

Japanese Garden
Flowers in Space
Japanese Jewel
Tranquil Zen Garden

Fusion Style Garden
Contemporary Country Garden
A Virtuous Garden Far Beyond
Form and Emptiness
Cool and Composed
Form and Foliage
Hidden Valley
Soft Landscape

Art-Deco of Villa Garden
The Constitution of Garden Decoration
Forms and Shapes
Decorative Patterns
Material sensation and Grain

Garden Decorative Elements
Pathways and Terraces
Fences and Walls
Decorative Structures
Resting Facilities
Sculptures and Ornaments
Plant Adornments
Flower Pots
Decorative Lighting Facilities

Design Patterns of Garden Decoration
Southeast Asian Style
European Style
Chinese Style
Japanese Style
Contemporary Style


This book includes two parts, one is Villa Garden: Plan & Design, and one is Art-Deco of Villa Garden.

Villa Garden: Plan & Design is a book for landscape architects, garden designers, homeowners, students and others who are interested in gardens. It describes the gardens with text, images and plans for each garden, so it is possible to study them more closely. Each garden tells a story about the clients and their needs, about challenges with the site that had to be met and how the designer chose to design the garden within these perimeters. This book shows a nice sampling of gardens in USA, Australia and England, etc. There are the contemporary gardens, European gardens that refer to gardens inspired by classical European gardens, Japanese gardens inspired by classical Japanese temple gardens, and fusion style gardens, that are hard to put into a specific category. Enjoy and get inspired!

Art-Deco of Villa Garden Decorative element is multi-function. It draws our attention to the focus landscape, curtains the improper part of the garden, also changes the constructs and highlights the basic style of the whole landscape; it adds features to the space in an unparalleled way and makes it become unique from featurelessness, arouses visitors’ enthusiasm and impresses them by presenting the lifestyle of the owner. Yet, making the best choice or outlining your own style among various kinds of the decoration is not that easy. In this book you will achieve some helpful advices in practical decorative skills, including how to blend the shape, the sound and the colors in landscape, how to choose the decorative elements to create an ideal atmosphere.