Book Name: Landscape Design Series

  • Ifengspace·Guangzhou  
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  • 978-7-214-07925-1
  • Chinese and English
  • 328.00 RMB / 58.00 U.S. dollar
  • Hardcover
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  • 2012.05
  • 230*280
  • 368

Table of Contents

Water Garden
L-shape Pool
Country Life Pool
A Magical Setting
Cascading Pool
Stone Paving Pool
Neo-Mediterranean Pool
Maximum Minimalism
Playful Approach
Lap Pool
Tropical Felling Pool
Mosaic Pool
New Orleans Style Pool
Vanishing Edge Pool
Sammamish Pool
Symphonic Fountains
Leisure Time
Tranquil Pleasures
Rock Fountain
Van Gastel Fountain
Modern Gem
Basalt Stone Fountain
Granite Water Wall
Cascade from the Seat
Lazy Day Cascade
A Strip of Waterfall
Wall Cascade
Flood Discharge Waterfall
The Avenue
Dragon's Cosmic Breath
The Five Realms
Windmill Pond
A Wonderland
Natural Hot Tub

Masters in Landscape and Public Sculpture
SCULPTURE in public places
Sculpture in the Public Realm
Sculpture in Public Parks
Community Sculpture
Water Feature Sculpture
Equivalent Beauties


This book includes two parts: Water Garden and Masters in Landscape and Public Sculpture.

Water Garden
This book features the representative international water garden projects. According to type of construction, these projects are classified into six chapters: Waterfall, Steam, Pond, Pool, Fountain and Compositive Feature. Through showcasing the high resolution images, plans, sketches, project processing images and project descriptions, this book illustrates the remarkable water feature itself, the relationship between water feature and the whole projects, and philosophy of the designers. Besides, this book also lists plants and paving materials of each project, will advantage readers to learn about the project constructions from different aspects.

Masters in Landscape and Public Sculpture
In this book you will find an overview of these kinds of modern sculptures from all around the world and in a variety of settings. The international master sculptors showcased here use a variety of the novel materials and techniques mentioned above, so you can see for yourself some of the best examples of contemporary sculptures in our time.