Book Name: Architectural Competition Works

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  • 978-7-214-08096-7
  • Chinese and English
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  • 2012.05
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Table of Contents

4 Seasons Tent Tower-Mercedes Benz Hotel Tower
Beijing National Hotel
Studio City Hotel- Code Unique
Garak Fish Market, Seoul
Chengdu Scientific Incubation Park of the Internet of Things
Mivka Hotel Resort
“1” Hotel
Hotel in Herrera Del Duque
Delano + Mondrian
New Campus of Fudan University-school of Management
Shenzhen International Energy Mansion
The Open Parliament of Albania
Ethiopian Airline New Headquarter
Hangzhou Tower
Office Building Immeuble de Grande Hauteur
Sopot Business Center
Astana National Library
Caen Bibliotheque Multimedia a Vocation Regionale
Media Library at Dalarna University
ACLA Community Center
Auditorium and Cultural Center in Orio
Faroe Islands Education Center
Istanbul Disaster Prevention and Education Center
Kipp-La School
Health Sciences Education Building, Phoenix Biomedical Campus
Residential & Planning
Home Haus-Home for Children and Adolescent
Rome for London
High Rise, Nicholls Point, Plaistow, London
Infinity Pacillion, IIandudno, Cape Town
Exponential Urbanism…Stacking Slabs of City Is One Way To Create Density
Webbing-soft Urbanism…A Weaving Of Natural And Urban Flows
Arquipelago/ Porto Olimpico
Public & Sports
Klinikum Klagenfurt
Extension for Centenario State Hospital
The Tangshan Earthquake Memorial
Place Memorial
Busan Observation Tower
Berlin Tempelhofer Airport
Nursing Home for Senior Citizens and Public Park in Labin
227 Memorial
ARTIC Mass-painting, Anaheim
Ski Jump, Stadium, Renovation & Addition for World Championship 2011
Civic Sports Center and 2013 National Games Arena
G3S- Grand Sports Arena


The book is not structured sequentially, but rather as a compilation of ideas presented graphically. It becomes a source of reference and catalyst to further research of the selected firms and discovery of what drives their work. The book posits a number of questions about architectural design itself: What makes an excellent architectural idea? How might one put forth such ideas? How might these ideas be further translated into other realms? What makes a successful architectural design competition entry? The architecture firms whose work is presented here must be recognized for their contributions to the book, but also, and more importantly, for their thoughts on the nature of architecture as seen through design competitions and what that means for the future of the discipline and profession of architecture.