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  • 978-7-214-08090-5
  • Chinese and English
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  • 2012.05
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Table of Contents

Creative East
1.Zhili Official Restaurant Langfang
2.Mediation Garden in Chengdu
3.Karuizawa Gongyi Subbranch in Taiwan
4.South Beauty, Li Gong Causeway Branch, Suzhou
5.South Beauty, Nan Hu Square Branch, Tang Shan
6.Wan Tsui Restaurant
7.Suchengzhai in Guangzhou
8.Restaurant in Chengdu
9.South Beauty in Taibei
10.Jiu Jian Hall in Hangzhou
11.Riverside No.1 in Fuzhou
12.Wang Jiang Nan (Wanda) Restaurant
13.Wonder Restaurant
14.A Restaurant in Painting
15.Natural Hakka Restaurant in Taiwan
16.Shangyu Hotel
17.Suzhou Ping Jiang Fu Hotel
18.Xin Rong Ji in Wenling
19.Chief 1956
20.South Beauty, Hefei 1219
21.South Beauty, Wuhan Branch
22.Meizhou Olympic Restaurant
23.Gang Ying Pavilion Restaurant
24.Hot Pot Wangjiadu
25.Qingdao Heichinrou
26.Anhui Mount Huang A Niu Cottage Hui Pai Culture
Themed Restaurant
27.A Creative Restaurant in Sanlitun, Beijing
28.Ballad by Village Water
29.P.S. Restaurant
30.Kartel Wine Lounge
31.Innuendo Restaurant

Traditional Rehabilitation
32.Beijing Longtan Lake Paramount Chamber
33.Reclusive Garden in Chengdu
34.The Restaurant of Pleasure in Beijing
35.Old Chengdu Club
36.Li Yan Chamber in Chengdu
37.Wood Gate•Tao
38.Haitong NO.1 Club
39.Xin Rong Ji in Shanghai
40.Ximing Tea House ( Hudong Branch)
41.Nan Tang Restaurant in Chengdu
42.Pot Garden
43.Water and Sky Restaurant in Hangzhou
44.Zhuo Yue Cellar in Fuzhou
45.Nanjing Wanda•Jin's House

Exotic Fashion
46.Jazz Bar & Restaurant in Wuxi
47.Tori Tori Restaurant
48.Empire City Roasted Duck
49.Yakiniku Kappo
50.Lam Cafe
51.Beijing Matsumoto Restaurant
53.Tatsumi Sushi
54.XEX Nihonbashi
56.Kimchee Korean Restaurant
57.Junsai Restaurant
58.Annam Vietnamese Cuisine
59.Armani Aqua


This book named Cuisine in Oriental Banquet Setting Ⅲ is about interior design, collects the attractive designs of dining space worldwide, from top hotels, luxurious cruises to special food, as long as the design is full of imagination, romantic and comfortable feeling, can touch the diners’ emotion, of which can be put into the book. This book includes stylish restaurants of the most representative Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Indian type, some combined with eastern and western style together. It is divided into three parts – Creative East, Traditional Rehabilitation and Exotic Fashion.