Book Name: Orient Dining

  • Xu BinBin  
  • 9  J  
  • 978-7-214-08076-9
  • Chinese and English
  • 298.00 RMB
  • Hardcover
  • 1
  • 2012.05
  • 242*330
  • 320

Table of Contents

Matsumoto Restaurant
Jade Royal Club
Impression of Hakka
Riverbank No.1
Wanda Store of Impression Cassia Occidentalis Restaurant
The Sanming Restaurant
Destiny Tea Club
Karuizawa Cuisine — Chongde Store
Natural Hakka
Joe's Shanghai
East Lake Store of Ximing Tea Club
Spring River
Mind Pleasing Park
ikki Japanese Cuisine Taipei Branch
ikki Japanese Cuisine Banqiao Branch
Fisherman’s Wharf Fashionable Hotpot
Eight Directions Nutrition Restaurant
Heyuan Club
The 7th Triumphal Arch Restaurant
Seasonal Kaiseki Cuisine
Suyuan Hotel
The Xiangyan Hotpot in the Worker's Stadium
The Kung Fu Tea House
Jin's Restaurant
Covered Bridge Club
The Tea House in Shaoxing Road
Rongdu Regent
Zhuo Yue Winery
Liu Laogen Hall
Tea, Hui
The Tea House in the Jiahao International Club
Goubuli at Guijie Street
China Stewed Food Restaurant
The Hotel Prince in Nantong City
Four Seasons Catching
Xiong Zhen Hotel
Yanyu Stylish Restaurant
The Leisure Tea House
Leading Dishes Restaurant and Bar
Original Food Tribe — Fashion Restaurant
Embracing the Delicious Dishes
Da Yu Teppanyaki I
Da Yu Teppanyaki II
The Huang Ji Huang Stewing Pot
Blossom Place
Wu’s Hotpot
Isari Sushi Wuhan Branch


The dining space is the place of exchange and gathering for people. As a designer of the catering space, I often think of what people will come here and what the need for people coming here is. This process actually makes me feel the most interesting, just as the northerners wrapping dumplings at home, which emphasize the process of wrapping dumplings and the exchange between people. A good exchange makes everything achieve without effort, while a
bad exchange is not good for dumplings.
The design needs the accumulation of life experience and is also a performance after internal precipitation. The design work itself is an interesting learning process. The experience of life can produce an endless supply of creative inspiration and inspire a richer passion for life, such as the artists or musicians who can always tease the sensitive nerve of our emotions with the same brushes or instruments through their own brilliant personality and talent-filled performance. "Oriental Food and Drink" integrates all domestic and foreign outstanding creative design, so it is a conductor integrating all good design concertos.