Book Name: CEBRA Drawing & Building - Selected Works 2011-2012

  • Bruce Q. Lan  Silvio Carta  
  • 9  J  
  • 978-7-214-08807-9
  • Chinese and English
  • 280.00 RMB
  • Hardcover
  • 2012.10
  • 185×265
  • 320

Editor' Review

Cebra work offers a quite clear example of the new trend the drawing is nowadays taking for the work of the architect; drawing as a tool of simplification which makes possible projects.The drawing is probably the main tool of work for architects. It is always has been. However, architecture has witnessed during its history different uses of this tool to produce projects. The use of drawing stretched from a means of representation and communication of ideas and concepts to being a device for knowing the world and the himself. However, in the last decades we can observe the drawing be used in a different manner which can maybe foresee a new direction. The realization of architecture has become increasingly complex and complicated. The actors involved in the modification of cities and territories are always more in number and increasingly more difficult to agree amongst each others. The factors to be taken into account are also more numerous and complex. A project of architecture is nowadays an extremely complex process for all the actors involved; most than ever. It is thus not a surprise if a successful approach to architectural projects is represented by simplification of the process. A project is successful when the image and the meaning it conveys are immediately understandable to the several people involved (including final users). The drawing is ‐in this sense‐ an incredibly powerful tool for designers to simplify the project and be able to control it. The drawing is gradually passed from a tool for controlling the forms of architecture to a tool for controlling the program of the project.


This book contains various international brand projects of CEBRA, such as schools, commercial buildings, residences, clubs, museums and so on, which embodying the uniqec design style of CEBRA. Accompanied with vivid textual descriptions, the project designs in the book present to readers a visual feast through abundant of exquisite photographs. This book has high values for reference and collection.