Book Name: Landscape Bridge

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  • 978-7-5537-3218-3
  • Chinese and English
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  • 2014.06
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1
Iron Bridge
Alexandra Arch & Forest Walk
Pedestrian Bridge
Hose Bridge
Arganzuela Footbridge
Can Gili Footbridge
Variation Guggenheim3
Kingston Bridge
National Tourist Route Trollstigen
Pedestrian Bridge in Zapalla
The Restoration of the Pont Trencat
Torrens Bridge
Chapter 2
Wooden Bridge
Henderson Waves
Belvedere for the 2011 Bundesgartenschau
Termas de Puritama
Kalvebod Waves
Rest Area with Footbridge
Water Lillie's Bridge
Meurthe Raon Bridge
Tension Band Bridge
Moses Bridge
Chapter 3
Hybrid Structure
Scale Lane Bridge on River Hull
Alfenz Bridge
Hovenring Bicycle Roundabout
Lugner Bridge
42 Bridges in Park Zestienhoven
14 Bridges and a Floating Pier
Lightweight Bicycle Bridge
Nerang Bridge
Riberas de Loyola Footbridge


Landscape Bridge – Bridges are known by people as vital communication lines to connect waters and lands, but the attentions of people to bridges are usually wedded to their usages. The landscape bridges compiled in this book present us a totally different concept, which means that bridges can also possess special charm both in cultural and visual. Bridge not only has practical value with its own, but also processes at the same time a certain ornamental value by using unique artistic methods like borrowed scenery, enframed scenery and separated scenery, with its perfectly unique bridge shape, exquisite or functional or hi-tech decorative materials and magnificent illumination.