Book Name: International Night Club——Lunar Night

  • The Hong Kong Polytechnic International Press  
  • 9  J  
  • 978-7-214-06918-4
  • Chinese and English
  • 328.00 RMB / 72.99 U.S. dollar
  • Hardcover
  • 1
  • 2011.05
  • 245mmx280mm
  • 276

Table of Contents

Conga Room
Juliet Supper Club
Papa Bo's
Bach Club
Cocoon Club
Escape Bar
Muse Bar
Nisha Bar


This book provides world’s top deluxe nightclubs, bars, entertainments in almost 30 nightclubs and leisure clubs in the brands hotels from America, France, UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Thailand, Singapore, Italy, HongKong and Macao etc. The themes of each project are showed positively, and the interior spaces of each project are illustrated accurately. The key words of this book are all-round, new and high-end.