Book Name: Creative Diagram in Landscpe & Planning (Reprint)

  • Ifengspace·Beijing  
  • 9  J  
  • 978-7-214-08775-1
  • Chinese and English
  • 278.00 RMB
  • Hardcover
  • 1
  • 2015.04
  • 185*235
  • 320

Table of Contents

Multi Mill
Basket Bar
Sky Network
Burnham Pavilion
Wind Turbines In The Dutch Landscape
Extension Jordan
Landscape Fence
Bad (Bath)
Cross-Wind Bridge
Shizimen Gateway Bridge – The Infinity Loop
Observation Tower
Aalborg Cultural Bridge
Taiwan Tower
Multiple Natures – Fibrous Tower
Coleman Oval Skate Park
Taichung Gateway Park
Sensational Garden
Mies Van Der Rohe Plaza
The Blossoming Of Seattle Center
Jarvafaltet Cemetery Stockholm
Hexagonal Park
Ice Skating Park
Park Supermarket
Hakka Cultural Park
Star Maze-Extension Park Groot Vijversburg
23 Park
Greentech Business Park Bleizo
Riva Split Waterfront
Park Of Luna
Seven Steps For Bastad
Stadtraum Bayrischer Bahnhof
Ecosystem Thinking Meets 2000 Years Of Civilization – China Grand Canal Study
Knopen Van De Drechtsteden
Sky-Garden Houses
MO-CO Housing
SGBC Community
Kozin Neighbourhodd
ZED Quarte Project, Changsha
Regeneration Study On Bloemkoolwijken
Sustainable Neighborhood
Innercity Residential Quarter
This Is My Street
Homestead Multigenerational Housing & Kindergarten


Analysis diagram is important to designers. There are different kinds of diagrams, some of them are gorgeous and can clearly show the designer’s idea. The tone, the drawing, the analysis view, the symbols of the diagrams, all of them can inspire designers to create a diagram to clearly express their idea. Creative Diagram in Landscape & Planning aims to provide readers with new examples for creative analysis diagrams. With these beautiful and creative diagrams, designers can show their ideas and designs clearly and accurately.