Book Name: Urban Greenway System Optimum Design

  • Institute for Transportation & Development Policy  
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  • 978-7-5537-6923-3
  • Chinese and English
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  • 2016.09
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Table of Contents

Chapter One Introduction
Development History of Greenway
Chapter Two Phenomenon and Design Method
Five Most Important Technical Questions
The Connectivity of Greenway
The Continuity of Greenway
The Separation of Greenway
The Accessibility of Greenway
The Service of Greenway
The Design Method of Greenway
Network Planning
Infrastructure Design
Supporting Facility Setting
Chapter Three Practice
Liwan Old Town NMT Improvement Suggestion
To Optimize High Quality Network
Mid-Block Crossing
Pedestrian Guidance System
Comprehensive Proposals
Zhujiang New Town Greenway Improvement Suggestion
Current Condition Analysis
Current Condition Overview
Current Issues and Improvement Suggestions
Overall Layout
Improve Greenway Network
Pedestrian Trajectory Survey
Build Dense Street Network
Road Cross Section Improvement Suggestion
Current Condition of Road Section
Road Section Improvement Suggestion
Street Crossing Improvement Suggestion
Analysis of the Current Street Crossing Situation
Crosswalk and Pedestrian Bridge or Tunnel
Intersection Improvement Suggestions
Facilities Construction
Bicycle Parking Point
Public Bicycle
Lanzhou Greenway Improvement Suggestion
Reference Method
Taojin-Jianshe Xincun Reform Suggestion
Project Location
Road Network Analysis and Suggestion
Road Network Structure
Road Traffic Analysis
Road Traffic Organization Optimization
Road Plan and Cross Section Design
Design Key Point
Road Plan and Cross Section Design
Greenway Planning and Design in Vientiane, Laos
Current Problems
Missing and Discontinuous Walkways
Parking on Sidewalks
Pedestrian Crossings
Lack of Shade
Intersections and Crossings
Road Layouts and Traffic Calming
Furniture and Light and Landscaping
Public Seating
About the Authors


Focusing on the technical details of greenways, this book refers to the practical experiences of international greenway construction combining with the domestic practical situations to explore the specific technical details of these problems of greenways in China and uses foreign mature design methods to solve the existing problems through technical means from the perspective of greenway users, starting with the five problems of“ connectivity, continuity, separation, accessibility and service" which are common but lack of enough attention. We hope that high quality greenways play a more and more important role in the city development in the future to become a significant step that leads the urban sustainable development.