Book Name: Manual of Nordic Interior Design

  • Xu Shifu, Chen Ju, Zhang Yin, Chen Jiaqiang  
  • 2  P  
  • 978-7-5537-6442-9
  • Chinese and English
  • 278.00 RMB
  • Hardcover
  • 1
  • 2016.07
  • 210*265
  • 264

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The Formation and Development of Nordic Style
The Origin of Nordic Style
The Definition of Nordic Style
The Location of Scandinavia
Culture and Tradition
The Concise and Transparent Interior Design
Indoor Space Mainly Based On Wooden
Natural and Simple Exterior Design
Design Concept
The Value of Traditional Crafts
People-Oriented, Functional and Practical
Worshi p of Nature

Chapter 2 The Application of Nordic Design Elements
The History and Development of Nordic Furniture
The Main Characteristics of Nordic Furniture
The Shaping and Development of the Patterns in Nordic Fabrics
The Elements of the Nordic Texiles Patterns
The Characteristics in Nordic Textiles Decorations
Other Ornaments
Wooden Ornaments
Potteries and Glass Ornaments
Decorative Painting

Chapter 3 Enhancing Northern European interior design
Natural Nordic Design
Bethlehem Hill Transitional
Jack and Jill Suite
The 55 m2 Apartment
Old Attic
Deep In Nature
Manhattan Beach Residence
Santa Monica Villa
Cape Mansions
Modern Nordic Design
The Panamby Apartment
Private Apartment in Carate Brianza
Via delle Orfane Torino
Private Apartment in Milano
I Love Gray
Apartment MM
Private Apartment in Paina
Inner City Calm
Chelsea Triplex
Industrial Nordic Design
Itacolomi 445 Apartmenteal
Real Parque Loft
PplusP Studio
Haruki's Apartment
Loft Vila Leopoldina Leopoldina
Halle A


The life aesthetics of Nordic area meet with great favor from people over the world constantly. The design characteristics of nature and conciseness are shown in our daily life. Combining with the classical cases over the world, this book is on the basic of Nordic culture, analyse the connotations of Nordic culture and provide the readers of with inspiration and reference. Also, this book is an essential reference book for interior designers.