Book Name: A Grand Collection of Magnificent Villas

  • Xu BinBin  
  • 9  J  
  • 978-7-214-06757-9
  • Chinese and English
  • 368.00 RMB / 74.00 U.S. dollar
  • Hardcover
  • 1
  • 2011.03
  • 280x280
  • 336

Table of Contents

A New Asian Impression: Baoli Lugu Linyu S-5 House
Sky in Seattle: Baoli Lugu Linyu S-6 House
Heart of Ocean
Left Bank of Bordeaux
25 North Latitude in Fuzhou
Fengtai Guanshan Bishui House
Yacht Club Villas at Elounda Beach
House In Comano


This book mainly shows villas, national and abroad, designed by top ten famous architects. The villas in this book are decorated in various styles such as traditional style, modern style and classic style. Each villa has its own accurate verbal instructions and many wonderful pictures, through which the reader can understand different styles of the villa and feel more helpful in design.