Book Name: New Top Club

  • Gaodi  
  • 9  J  
  • 978-7-214-07838-4
  • Chinese and English
  • 318.00 RMB / 55.00 U.S. dollar
  • Hardcover
  • 1
  • 2012.01
  • 235*305
  • 352

Table of Contents

Shangzuo Club
Corinthian Club
Charming Club, Flowers in Water, Shunde Sheraton Hotel
Fantasy Club
Vanke Gongwang Major Club
Vanke Gongwang Secondary Club
Restaurant Club
Hetianxia Club
Baizi Bay No.1 Entertainment Club
Guangzhou Civic Club
Holland Casino Leeuwarden Club
IPIC Theater Club
Prince Bay Club
Beijing k2 Clear Water Bay Club
Guangzhou Xanadu International Club
A Club in Miss Fruit Ridge
Central City’s Azure Sea Grand Hotelof Zhengzhou
Urban 18 Golf Club
Gallery Pharaoh Palace Spa Club
Royal Riverside Club
Dujiangyan Yulei Splendid Senior Business Club
Dragon Bay International Club
Indian Yoga Club
Chengdu West City International Club
Vanke Tangyue Club
Vanke Tangyue Club
Ruyi Club
Shanghai Jiangnan CEO Club
Power Valley Jinjiang International Hotel Club
Maotai Party―Jiangnan Home Club
Fuzhou 99 Health Club
Dagong Garden Salon Club
River Island Private Salon
Three-province Golf Club
Tianduhui Club
Imperial Recreation Club
Shang Lake Club
Tiara Club
Triumphal Arch No.7 Club
Dongguan Royal Garden Hotel Dream
Theater Club of Highstreet
Banquet Club
Club of Scene and Way
Tiara Holiday Inn Zongfu Huating
Binger Billiards—Shengti Branch Club
TNT Club
Huizhou No.1 Mansion Club
Rudder Club


Clubs, as an imported concept at its earliest stage, mean “the place where elites from the world of business and politics meet”. Since the reform and opening-up, the form of clubs has evolved from art tea houses, dining places and villa areas to a large amount of community clubs and comprehensive consuming clubs. Its design concepts have been upgraded from the original “providing luxurious enjoyment” to the present “design for spiritual peace as well as physical and mental health” .

Currently, clubs have become one of the major concerns of property buyers. Meanwhile, with the rapid development of the domestic sports industry and the establishment of the public health consciousness, in the atmosphere where recreation and fitness have become a new trend of fashion, the clubs’ designs turn out to be a focus concerned by the public and the world of architecture and designers.