Book Name: Landscape Elements Ⅲ (VOL1,2&3)

  • Zhou Hougao  
  • 2  P  
  • 978-7-5537-2215-3
  • Chinese and English
  • 898.00 RMB
  • Hardcover
  • 1
  • 2014.02
  • 210*280
  • 1128

Table of Contents

Volume Ⅰ
Water Feature
Swimming Pool
Sculpture Ornament & Fountain
Water Feature & Fountain
Water Feature Wall
Stream Waterfall & Drop Water
Plank, Bridge, Dock
Platform Dock
Garden Bridge
Garden Path, Stairs and Pavement
Stepping Stone
Square Paving
Platform Paving
Ground Mosaic & Relief Pavement
Trench Cover & Tree Grate
Volume Ⅱ
Sculpture & Installation
Abstract Sculpture
Figurative Sculpture
Installation Art Work
Garden Structure
Toilet & Store
Feature Wall
Tensile Installation
Railing & Fence
Gatehouse, Gate & Gateway
Volume Ⅲ
Gardening Stone Feature
Plastic Stone Rockery
Stone Arrangement
Planting Facility
Flower Pot
Flower Planting Bed
Tree Planting Bed
Seating-wall-surrounded Planting Bed
Garden Facility
Seat, Telephone Booth & Fitness and Recreation Facility
Trash Can
Destination Board
Garden Lamp outdoor Furniture


The publishing of the first two volumes of Landscape Element has established a good reputation and earned a good brand effect in the book market. Landscape Elements Ⅲ will integrate the excellent design materials and domestic unique design elements. It will be a very practical reference book which can stimulate people’s inspiration on landscape design. By a scientific classification of the elements and a stricter selection about the pictures, this book cannot only provide material for designing, but allow readers to get some inspiration by just scanning it.