Book Name: Sloping Landscape

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  • 978-7-5537-0414-2
  • Chinese and English
  • 298.00 RMB
  • Hardcover
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  • 2014.04
  • 210*265
  • 304

Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1 Modeling of Geometrical Morphology
Galindez Slope and Pau Casals Square
General Maister Memorial Park
Pause Court and Lawn Hill: Garden for Sales Gallery
The Australian Garden
Buga Playground
Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust
The Garden that Climbs the Stairs
Adventure’s Park Roundabout
Dover Esplanade
Millennium City Center Main Building
Clock Tower Beach
Plaza De Santo Domingo
Teruel Zilla

CHAPTER 2 Modeling of Geomorphic Shape
Bird House
Central Plaza Chiang Rai
Moka House
Blow House
Alba Garden
Canadian Museum of Civilization Plaza
Hotel Germano Settlement
Public Park Vicovaro, Italy

CHAPTER 3 Modeling of Naturalism
Mountain House
Hotel La Plage
Bridge House
Vanke Vega Bay Villa, Shenzhen
Yidu International by China Railway Real Estate Group, Guiyang
Zhongyi Gui Residence