Book Name: Underground Space Planning & Design

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  • 978-7-5537-3333-3
  • Chinese and English
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  • Hardcover
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  • 2014.06
  • 230*290
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Table of Contents

Chapter One
The Space with Good Lighting Condition and Energy Saving Effect
Extension of Staedel Museum
“Hannah Arendt” Professional High School Underground Extension
M4 Fovam ter – Underground Station, Budapest
La Salut Metro Station
Urban Railway Stations S7
Chapter Two
The Space Based on Culture Protection
The Sammy Ofer Wing, Extension of the National Maritime Museum, London
Gammel Hellerup Gymnasium
Transforming King’s Cross
The Earthscraper
Seminary Reform
Palau de la Musica Reform
Solar Powered Mosque
Te Mirumiru Early Childhood Centre
Chapter Three
The Space with the Function of Leading People
Local Transport Junction at Europaplatz Graz
Danish National Maritime Museum
Vendsyssel Museum of Art
ON-A’s New Office
Station 20


This book collects more than 30 excellent cases of underground space planning and design, including works from architectural masters all over the world. It is divided into five parts, such as the space with good lighting condition and energy saving effect, the space based on culture protection, the space with the function of leading people, the space with natural landscape and man-made marvels and the space with visual extension effect. We show beautiful actual photos, detailed technical drawings and specific descriptions, the cases are featured completely. Architects and the experts who are related to construction field can obtain inspiration from this book.