Book Name: Landscape Installation Art II

  • Ifengspace·Guangzhou  
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  • 978-7-5345-9860-9
  • Chinese and English
  • 278.00 RMB
  • Hardcover
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  • 2014.12
  • 230*280
  • 272

Table of Contents

Pubulic Activity Facilities
The Mobile Orchard
Pavilion of “Ninety Nine Failures”
Tourne around
Arena Teues
BA_LIK Summer Pavilion for Bratislava
Installation for Festival dell’Innovazione
Fresh Flower
Sky Spotting Stop
The Reading Nest
Lightscape Pavilion
Yoshi Bar
Public Application Facilities
Gordon Square Bus Shelters
Fence for Sport Complex of Durazno
Light Sails
Main Street and Square Pilar de la Horadada
Royal Rice Field
SPAR Gmunden
Public Toilets Lori
Urban Adapter
Xintiandi Installation
Chop Stick
Public Leisure Facilities
EU Pavilion – A Space for Contemplation
HygroSkin – Meteorosensitive Pavilion
Love Tree
Mexico Public City Seating Installation
Noreiga Parklet
Roller Coaster
Hanging Bench Project
Eusebiush of Arnhem


This book mainly contains urban public facilities of both practicability and aesthetics, including three different types and styles in public recreation, public transit and public activity. The book shows various design styles and brings brand-new design inspirations to designers through showcasing projects with exquisite pictures and texts, and helps designers create urban public facilities which possess modern artistry and ornamental value as well as environmental harmony with surroundings, pursing aesthetic demand at the same time satisfying service conditions of themselves.