Book Name: Tree House

  • Ifengspace·Guangzhou  
  • 2  P  
  • 978-7-5537-5320-1
  • Chinese and English
  • 208.00 RMB
  • Hardcover
  • 1
  • 2015.10
  • 230*280
  • 216

Table of Contents

Yellow Tree House Restaurant
Bangkok Tree House
Dom’Up Tree House
Tree Top Studio
Tree Hotels in Harads
Khun Benz Restaurant
Bensfield Tree House
Center Parcs Tree Houses
Fibonacci Tree House
Hazelwood School
Tree House Kitchen
Treetop Dining Tree House
Tree House Lodge
Residential Design
4 Tree House
25 Green
Tree House Solling
Pear Tree House
Tree House Plendelhof
Tree House Djuren
Hem Loft
Quebrada House
Rooted Tree House
Wilkinson Residence
Adventure Clubhouse
Willow Nook Tree House
Cleveley Mere Tree House
High-Tech Hideaway Tree House
Little Acorn Tree House
Living the Highlife Tree House
Room with a View Tree House
Tarifa Ecolodge
Treetop Tower
Sleepy Hollow Tree House
The Lookout Tree House
Pleasure Sightseeing
Bamboo Tripod
Bird Apartment
Children’s Activity and Learning Centre
Copper Nest
Geo Donar
Leaf House
Alice in Wonderland Tree House
Belton House Playground
Birr Castle Tree House
Pensthorpe WildRootz
Sir Harold Hillier Gardens Tree House
The Enchanted Hideouts
Future Design
Palm Fiction
One with the Birds
Primeval Symbiosis
Deer Park Tree House
Lake Como Tree House
Quiet Tree House
The Biodiversity Nest


By showcasing foreign excellent cases and projects, this book brings brand new ideas and vast inspiration to designers and readers. The book is divided into four chapters according to the functionality of tree house: Commercial Application, Residential Design, Pleasure Sightseeing and Future Design. The whole book takes exquisite pictures as the principal thing at the same time supplemented by substantial and refined written narration to bring readers reference.