Book Name: Manual of American Interior Design

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  • 978-7-5537-5528-1
  • Chinese and English
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  • Hardcover
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  • 2015.10
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 History of American Interior Design
006 Colonial Period
010 Federal Period
012 Revival Style
014 Victoria Style
017 Craftsman Movement and Art Nouveault movement
020 Art Deco
022 Modernism
Chapter 2 The Elements in American Style Design
028 Furniture
036 Fireplace
040 Paneled Wall
042 Fabrics
045 Kitchen
Chapter3 A Classified Interpretation and Case Analysis on Ameircan Interior Design
050 American Classic Style
086 Country and Western Style
120 American Pastoral Style
152 American City Style
188 California Style
226 Art Deco


American interior design is famous for its heaviness, introversion and magnificence. It has many branches, and has gradually became polular and favored by people.Thus,the book related to American interior design is highly demanded in the market. Many new excelent projects appear every year.The book is based on culture as the standpoint, and combined wonderful cases. It deeply elaborates the content of culture in American interior design, including history, soft decoration elements, aesthetic concept etc. It is a maunual with high reference value.